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    I recently presented a unique issue to Dr. Moore after I had experienced a fair amount of discomfort and pressure-sensitivity several months after receiving a routine filling from another dentist.  Dr. Moore was very interested in getting to the bottom of my problem and he was patient throughout the investigation.  Where another dentist might have immediately recommended a root canal, Dr. Moore was very conscience of the financial impact of his decisions and instead he insisted that he take more time and carefully redo a proper filling.  My tooth feels great now and Dr. Moore has personally called me several times since then to get an update.  It has been quite a positive experience.  Dr. Moore is very personable, friendly, and knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anyone I know.
    Tanner H., patient

    I'm incredibly anxious about going to the dentist, but my experience with Dr. Moore helped alleviate those worries. He's exceptionally friendly and personable, which helped me relax right off the bat. He was very patient with me, talking me through any concerns, making sure that I was comfortable with each step of the process and explaining my treatment in a way that was easy to understand. After my visit, Dr. Moore called me personally to see how I was doing and insisted that I call him if I had any additional questions or needed anything at all. I am at ease now with the knowledge that I'm in the hands of someone who is supportive and truly cares about the experience that I receive.
    Layne R., patient

    Dr. Moore makes a trip to the dentist feel like a walk in the park. He truly cares for his patients and takes the time to explain all available options. I leave each appointment feeling relaxed, informed and looking forward to coming back.
    Andrew M., patient