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5 Foods & Drinks That are Bad for Your Teeth

Life is sweet, sometimes a little too sweet. Our motto here at Dr. William Moore General Dentistry is everything in moderation. We don’t want to be taste buds fun sponges. Even candy that doesn’t always play nice with our teeth are generally harmless in moderation. It’s when we excessively use one thing it can become a problem. Here are common grocery items you might want to think twice about buying. And if you can’t stop eating and drinking some of your favorites, we have some helpful tips to save your pearling whites. Here are 5 foods & drinks that are bad for your teeth.


energy_drinksCarbonated Beverages, Sodas, & Energy Drinks

You’ve heard it before, soda is one of the worst drinks you can guzzle down.  I’ve had  patients that have a habit of swishing each sip in-between their teeth. If you’re going to drink soft drinks, then drink through a straw. Straws also help prevent staining of your teeth.  Sugarfree sodas & energy drinks are better choice for tooth decay, but they are still very acidic and will increase the risk of developing dental erosion.  Diet soft drinks aren’t as healthy as you might think.  Artificially sweetened soft drinks also contain tooth-eroding acids.

TIP: Don’t sip on a soda throughout the entire day. Exposing your teeth and gums to sugar continuously is WORSE than drinking soft drinks in one sitting.  You should try to eat or drink something that will help neutralize the acid in the mouth like milk, cheese, or chew sugar-free gum. Vitamin Water 10 is the best energy drink choice when compared to Vitamin Water and Life Water both contain 32.5 grams of sugar per bottle.

sticky_candy_dr_mooreSticky Candies & Sweets

I’m just as guilty when it comes to sweets, especially with Swedish Fish. The best way to eat candy is with meals so silva flow can wash sugar from teeth. If you’re going to eat candy, then go for the ones that clear out of your mouth. Chocolate is better than most hard candies. The worst type of candies are candy corn, taffy, Sour Patch Kids, lollipops, & Milky Way bars.

TIP: Consider chewing sugarless gum afterward to increase saliva flow and wash out food and acid.


canned_fruit_dr_mooreCanned Fruit

The thick sugar solution clings to the fruit like syrup to a pancake, soaking every bite with unnecessary calories.  Del Monte Fruit Naturals No Sugar Added Red Grapefruit is healthier canned fruit slices that are kept in a no-sugar-added juice.

TIP: Looking for cheap sources of fruit to have on hand at any time? Opt for the frozen stuff—it’s picked at the height of season and flash frozen on the spot, keeping costs low and nutrients high.


oats_dr_mooreStarchy foods

A bowl of Quaker Natural Granola Oat & Honey & Raisins is a double threat to your mouth. Yes there’s a bit of fiber, but it’s completely trumped by all of the sugar. Quaker’s is the rule, not the exception. The only acceptable use for granola is to crumble a small handful into plain yogurt. Consider switching your healthy granola to Post Shredded Wheat or Kashi Honey Almond Flax Chewy Granola Bar.

TIP: Try my wife’s favorite Trader Joes Oats and Flax Oatmeal.  Here’s another great breakfast alternative for you ambitious health nuts, homemade Quinoa Granola recipe. Quinoa is a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids.

chinese_food_dr_mooreChinese Food

Most Chinese meals have as much sugar as a pack of Skittles. You can blame the Honey Garlic Sauce bathing the chicken. Honey Garlic Chicken packs have about twice the sugar as the Pineapple Chicken, so making that switch will automatically improve the dish. Another option is to request your meal “half sauce” or possibly get the sauce on the side for optimal portion control.

TIP: Reach for the low-sodium bottle, if you must. Better yet, use Chinese mustard, duck sauce, or chili sauce to boost flavor wihtout as much added salt.

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