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Understanding Dental Insurance

Dr. William Moore InsuranceWhen it comes to dental insurance, all the jargon can be confusing. This blog post will help you to understand  the dental insurance terminology and clear up any misinformation you might of have with in-network & out-of-network providers.

In-Network Provider Vs. Out-of-Network Provider

In-Network Provider, like Delta Dental, has contracted with our dental practice on your behalf to get services at discounted rates. The primary advantage of using an in-network provider is that you receive this negotiated or discounted rate for our services, and your insurance generally picks up a larger portion of the bill than with an out-of-network provider. Though out-of-network providers don’t receive a discounted rate for our services, out-of-network providers typically covers 80% to 100% of routine cleanings and exams.

Out-of-network providers typically covers 80% to 100% of routine cleanings and exams.

Even if Dr. William Moore General Dentistry doesn’t participate with your insurance, we will gladly file your paperwork and bill you for the remaining balance. We will always give you as accurate an estimation of benefits as possible before we start any treatment.

When we see patients who only do what the insurance covers, it usually ends badly. Don’t let insurance dictate treatment instead of the dentist. You might wind up accruing more expenses down the road due to a incomprehensive  treatment plan. It’s important to consult your dental provider for best dental treatments available.

We try to accommodate our patients and get our patients the most out of their plans possible. Our front desk assistants try as hard as possible to help people maximize their dental benefit but ultimately, the financial responsibility for all dental treatment is the patients. – Dr. Moore

Check your insurance policy when you have questions about your coverage. They will then provide you with the coverage outlined in your policy.

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