Patient Education

Post Operative Instructions

Access your essential guide to Post Operative Instructions. This downloadable document provides clear and concise directions to ensure a smooth recovery process. From managing discomfort to maintaining oral hygiene, these instructions will help you navigate the crucial post-operative period with confidence.
Dentures and Partial Home Care Instructions
Whether you’re new to dentures or have been wearing them for a while, proper care is essential to ensure their longevity and maintain your oral health. Our downloadable PDF provides a detailed and easy-to-follow set of instructions that will guide you through the steps necessary to keep your dentures and partials clean, comfortable, and in optimal condition.
Nightguard Instructions

This concise guide will walk you through the essential steps to ensure proper usage.

HIPAA & Privacy statement

Learn how we protect your data and comply with HIPAA.

Dental Implants

This document provides general information about dental implant surgery and dental implant maintenance.

Dental Procedures During Pregnancy

 This document provides a summary about dental treatment during pregnancy.  Be sure to ask your dentist any specific questions related to your care.

Blood Thinners and Dental Treatment

For patients on blood thinners, please read about the risks of dental treatment involving bleeding during and after treatment. 

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